One of my favorite experiences in Romania was this hike through Bucegi National Park. After a few days in the bustle of Bucharest, I was happy to be in the mountains.

The hike gained about one thousand feet of elevation + was quite gradual. It was a stunning hike, + by the time we reached the summit, it was freezing + had started to rain. Seven thousand feet, which is nothing compared to the mountains in Colorado, but still a spectacular view.




At the summit, there were ruins of a historic temple, with rock carvings + stone arrangements. As I headed up to photograph the rock formations, I got caught in a hail storm. Eventually, it lightened up enough that I could make a break for the shelter back at lower elevation where the rest of my group was waiting. You never know the kind of weather you’re going to get when hiking in the mountains, + it can change at a moment’s notice.



The decision was made to take the gondola down the mountain instead of making a return hike, due to the weather. There was only one gondola in each direction at any given time, so it took about an hour to actually get on to one. It was quite a steep drop off the back side of the mountain (we had climbed the much more sloping front side) so the gondola descent was very dramatic. Despite the weather, the day of hiking was well worth it.

There’s something about being in the mountains, no matter what country I’m in, that just feels like home.

The new website for Evergreen Lane is live! And along with it, I’m super excited to announce Juniper – a travel video resource + editing package. Two things I’m passionate about, travel + video, make this offering very near to my heart.

Video is such a powerful tool to help us remember + connect us to a place, not to mention being able to then share those experiences with others. But I know that it’s also a technical + sometimes intimidating skill to learn. That’s where Evergreen Lane is here to help with Juniper, a service and resource package made with the creative pioneer in mind.   Document the remarkable moments of your days and travels.  I’ll take care of the rest!

So that you can see the Juniper in action, I gave the camera to my boyfriend for our trip to Miami. This is the first video he’s ever filmed on a trip + he simply used his iPhone (with no special or extra gear!). When we got home, I created the postcard above from all the video clips he gave me.

Want to learn more? Head over to the Evergreen Lane website for full details on the Juniper package. Or, sign up below + I’ll send you my 5 Secrets to Creating an Awesome Travel Video – a free sample of the helpful resources provided with Juniper.



It’s our last weekend in the ski-season condo in Silverthorne I’ve been renting out with a bunch of friends since October. I’m not into snow sports, but it was pretty nice to have a mountain getaway for a few months where I could look out on a pretty stunning vista while doing my taxes (that happened + yes, it makes taxes way better).



These photos are actually from my business retreat in January, but I could have easily taken them a few days ago with the amount of snow we’ve been getting in the mountains (and a smattering in Denver as well – see the April Project 365 video if you need proof). Shout out to my girl Rebecca for being my personal photographer.




Snow + I have a love-hate relationship, especially this late in the springtime. It’s a Colorado tradition to expect a snowstorm or two in April (or May!), and the mountains get it even later than down in Denver – but every year, I’m over it by mid-March.

So here’s my fond farewell to the ski condo + the snow season. Let’s end this on good terms, shall we? If you’re nice, maybe we can make up in December for Christmas.

I feel like I say this every month, but holy cow, it’s MAY! I’m holding out hope that this is the last Project 365 recap that has snow in it for a good while, but this is Colorado – so we’ll see.

Aside from FAR too much snow, April’s highlights included a trip to Seattle to visit my sister + a beach party at Arapahoe Basin (and by “beach,” we Coloradans mean a snow field at a ski resort).

Lately, I’ve been making the 5 Minute Journal a daily practice + it’s been so wonderful to take the time every morning to think about what I’m grateful for in my life before I get bogged down by all the craziness. It’s easy to feel the frustrations of life (parking tickets, commuting, doctor’s appointments), but it takes practice + intentionality to keep all the good stuff at the forefront of your mind sometimes (having a vehicle, having a job, good health). And I’ve found that these Project 365 videos are serving a similar purpose – I look back over the last month + am a little overwhelmed by how lucky I am to be living the life I’ve dreamed about for a long time. I am tremendously thankful.

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I haven’t spent a ton of time in Boulder, despite its proximity, but a visit from my sister earlier this year took us up there for some hiking + time with a childhood friend of hers.

Betasso Hike Collage 2_Needles15

The Betasso Link Trail is a 1.3-mile trail that takes you from Boulder Canyon Drive into Betasso Preserve, which is an open space with great views of Boulder from above. It used to be a ranch, owned by former miners in the early 1900s, and sold to Boulder County in the seventies as their very first open space!

Betasso Hike15_Needles-6_resize

Betasso Hike15_Needles-8_resize

You gain about 600 feet of elevation over the course of this short trail, so it’s pretty steep but still manageable. Over the course of our hike, we saw a pretty good number of people heading down the trail on their mountain bikes, which I found pretty impressive.

Betasso Hike15_Needles-7_resize

I think my favorite thing about the Betasso Link Trail (+ the reason my sister’s friend chose this trail for us in the first place) is the variety of flora + terrain that you get to experience over a relatively short distance. When you reach the top of the Betasso Link Trail + connect to Canyon Loop Trail that takes you through the preserve, you leave the pine trees for open meadows, and the ground beneath your feet goes from sandy to rocky to grassy.

Betasso Hike Collage 1_Needles15

Betasso Hike15_Needles-2_resize

I’m amazed by the diversity of natural life there is in Colorado. The only other hike I’ve done in Boulder looked strikingly different than this one, and the trailheads are only a 15-minute drive apart. You can see the photos from that hike here.