365 Video Challenge // January Recap

Anyone else shocked by how fast January went by? At the beginning of last month, I decided to embark on a year-long challenge to take one second of video a day + compile them into a video that will encapsulate 2016. 365 seconds + an entire year will pass, how crazy is that?

So what did January look like? I had a lot of fun exploring Denver, took a business retreat in the mountains, worked from many different coffee shops, and ended the month surrounded by family in the sunshine of Austin, Texas.

I first heard about this concept from a Ted Talk by Cesar Kuriyama + was inspired to take it on myself. This first month was mostly focused on getting in the habit of taking my daily video, a practice that was hard to narrow down to just one second when I was out doing something exciting + hard to remember when I spend the entire day plugging away working on my computer.

In order to create some accountability for myself during this project, I’ll be posting my 30-second monthly recap here on the blog. Keep an eye out on the first Friday of every month!

Have you ever done a Project 365, whether with photos or video? I’d love to hear your tips because I know it’s bound to get more challenging as I try to keep things interesting for the next 334 days.

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