As a result of being born in Chicago to a couple of world travelers, living in Sydney for a season and studying abroad in Madrid, I have become addicted to discovering new places and cultures. I love to travel, and I’ve been on some wild adventures over the years, spending time on six continents so far—with the seventh on my “before I’m 30” to-do list (hello, Antarctica, I’m coming for you!).

These days, I’m a little less transient, making my home in the stunning mountain state of Colorado with my mischievous cat. Though the globe-trotting bug hasn’t gone anywhere, I believe that inspiration awaits right where I am, and I’m determined to track it down.

I’m on a mission to move beautifully and make every day an adventure.

What does it mean to move beautifully? It’s all about adding a spark of inspiration to days that can be sometimes dreary, putting a little imagination into days that can be sometimes boring— and of course, a little bit of world-wandering doesn’t hurt! It means that even though I’m staying in one place, I can still infuse life with a little bit of everywhere else.

This blog is a place where you’ll find the little bits of pretty that make my everyday moments special. So grab some tea and cookies, sit on down, and let’s pretend a while.