Everyday Adventure // Buckingham Fountain


Since one of Trina’s favorite places yesterday was downtown Chicago (it’s one of my favorites too!), I thought it would be appropriate to do another little throwback post to our Chicago trip in August. There are so many picturesque spots in Chicago, and this one is pretty iconic: Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park.

fountain collage 2



It ended up being totally freezing and windy when we got downtown, so I had to pop into Target and buy this sweater (looks like they only have the plus size left on the website).  It’s not what I would typically pick out – but you would be surprised how HARD it is to find a decent (warm) sweater in Chicago in August. This is the best I could do, and at least it was cozy enough for me to survive the day. And it’s covered in hearts – so there’s that.

fountain collage 3


Buckingham fountain is just a short walk down from Millennium Park, which has perhaps now superseded it as THE city park, but it’s worth a visit just the same – classic examples of old vs. new in those two parks. I’m such a city person – I love that there are so many things to explore in such a small area, so much variation, like you could never exhaust it’s possibilities. Chicago has such beautiful architecture, so many amazing restaurants – I realize I’m completely biased when I say that it’s one of my favorite places on earth, but I’ll say it anyway.


fountain collage 1

My adventure list is growing ever longer and longer – there are just too many good places to see on this planet, I feel like I’m adding something new to the I-hope-we-get-to-visit-there-soon list all the time. And then there’s the let’s-go-back-there-asap list. But all the places I visit or wish to visit bring me back to this one and I guess that means no matter where I’m living, it will always be home.