Everyday Adventure // Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The zoo is one of those classic places you look up when you’re visiting a town – and the zoo here in Colorado Springs is probably one of my favorites. It’s not because of the crazy-rare animal sightings or for its fancy facilities.  This zoo is probably a bit boring in both those regards.  My love is actually two-fold: one, the location is amazing and two, the animals are rightthere.

There’s a whole section on Rocky Mountain animals – many of which I’ve seen on hikes around the state and a few I, thankfully, haven’t.

The zoo is pretty vertical and requires a bit of hiking (though there is a chair lift running during busy seasons), as it’s right on the side of Cheyenne Mountain.  But hey, you can accomplish a few Colorado milestones at once: go for a pretty hike with a view, see a mountain lion, don’t get mauled! It’s a win-win, really.

One of the highlights of the zoo is the giraffe exhibit.  The balconies put you at eye level with the giraffes, and petting them is allowed.  They love the little snack pellets you can buy to feed them, so no shyness from these giraffes – they will get right in your face.  One of the highlights of this zoo is definitely how up close & personal you can get with different kinds of animals.

Looking at all the different colors & patterns & textures you see on zoo animals never fails to inspire me!

Let me just say that fox up there was actually outside the zoo – spotted in the parking lot!  This place definitely has that “in the wild” feel to it because of the great location.

Want to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo? Check them out here.