Everyday Adventure // Happy Apple Farm

This is the third year we’ve made the trek down to Happy Apple Farm for some pumpkin picking and cider drinking.  They also do berries and apples (surprise!) during other parts of the year, but we always make our voyage in early October when the pumpkins come out.

I think one of my favorite parts being married is building our own traditions – things like pancake breakfasts on Saturday morning, and running the Jack Quinn’s 5K, and pumpkin picking at Happy Apple Farm.  There’s something comforting about traditions, isn’t there?  Makes you feel like you’re a part of something that has meaning and value.

This whole pumpkin thing is really just an excuse to spend a long drive with some good friends, get out in the crisp October air, and fill our tummies with the tastes of fall.

Not to mention getting to see other people’s cute kids getting WAY excited over simple things like, oh, a patch of pumpkins.  It’s a nice reminder to see things with young eyes.

Aside from the all-important pumpkin, our haul this year included 10 half gallons of apple cider (this stuff is GOLD – and not all for us, thought it’s currently taking up most of our fridge), some local honey and a few pounds of golden delicious apples, husband’s favorite!  I know there’s an apple crisp in my future.

What are some of your favorite traditions, fall or otherwise?  This is definitely one of mine.

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