Everyday Adventure // Return to Happy Apple Farm


We went to this farm last year, much later in the season. This year, we hit up Happy Apple in late September and it was actually great timing: we hit the end of the u-pick raspberry season, the pumpkin patch, and the apples! The apples were already off the trees, but they had plenty in boxes in the farm store ready to take home.  Not to mention plenty of the delicious apple cider which is some of the best I’ve had – that in itself is worth the drive.




We went on this little day trip with our good friends Aaron + Heidi, which started here at the farm and wandered to a few other stops in the Cañon City area (including this winery).  Overall it was a beautiful fall day in Colorado!



There is nothing quite like eating raspberries right off the vine. Even though it was late in the season, with some determination we could find good ones. And the plus side of going early was that we had the pick of the patch when it came to the pumpkins. Last year it seemed there was only a few to choose from, but it was later in October when we made our trip down there.




Maybe it’s because fall always seems to fly by so dang quickly, I find myself really trying to savor every second and squeeze as many things into our weekends as possible. Because the air is so crisp and the colors are so perfect and there is so much out there to enjoy. We had some snowflakes fall this morning, which is not uncommon by now in Colorado – but I’m holding out for a few more perfect days of flannels, cider and crunching leaves. It’s days like these with good friends and great weather that make me tremendously thankful for life. There are days that seem tremendously long in the frustrating way, the why-can’t-things-just-work-out way, the misunderstandings and tedium of adulthood way. But then there are at least equal amounts of days that you wish last forever and ever and are never quite long enough. Days like this where the stars align in the life-is-awesome way, and the this-couldn’t-get-any-more-perfect way. This was definitely one of those.

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