Everyday Adventure // Seven Falls

You know, this whole sunny-80s to rainy-40s thing Colorado has got going is not really my cup of tea.  But I am thankful for the rain, because it means it’ll stay bright green (swoon) that much longer.  Enough weather talk, though – moving on:

We’re gonna move from rain to waterfalls and take a look at this beauty!  You’ll find Seven Falls just south of highway 24 (there are billboards) and yes, while it’s not ideal to pay to hike, this one’s worth it at least once, I think.  There’s a whole slew of trails branching out from the top of the stairs, so you can spend all day getting your money’s worth if you’d like!

The stairs are quite steep, and a little narrow, but they went by pretty quite and there are a few landings where you can take a break if you need to.  There is also an elevator – it doesn’t go to the top of the falls, but it will take you to a nice viewpoint.

When we got to the top, we chose a trail and hiked out of the canyon where the falls are to get a nice panorama of the Springs.  And now, since it’s Monday – here’s a vintage (aka pre-marriage) photo of the Mister and I when we hiked the falls a couple summers ago:

Did you have amazing weather this weekend too? What did you do to celebrate? (Because obviously, everyone celebrates sunny days, right?)

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