Everyday Adventure // Sunset at Fountain Park


Pretty much anytime we’re visiting Cory’s family in Phoenix, we make our way to this park.  This past trip over Christmas was no different, and we headed over there for some Mediterranean food and a walk in the nicest golden hour light.  Aside from the fact that it got incredibly cold when we were at the farthest point on the lake (amazing how fast that happens once the sun goes down), it is a beautiful walk.

fountainpark_text fountainpark_collage1

If I lived near here, I bet I would make many of my runs around this loop.  The fountain goes off every hour for about ten-fifteen minutes, so we picked the perfect time for our walk, since it coincided with both the fountain’s and the sun’s timing.  Swoon.



It was really fun to watch the fountain water change colors as the sun got lower in the sky, a bit of a different take on the Arizona sunset, but then, of course, I got distracted :


Can you blame me?  Love me that sky something fierce!

fountainpark_resize fountainpark_text2

Definitely something I want to do more of this year – a little walking and talking with a pretty backdrop does wonders for your soul, especially when you have the best company.

Do you have a favorite place for walks/talks?

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