Everyday Adventure // Trout Lake

Outside of Telluride, there is a lake where we like to fish.  This lake is called Trout Lake.

It’s pretty much a perfect mountain lake, tucked in from the 2-lane highway and popping out like a pleasant surprise as you round a bend in the road.

Surrounded by mountains and, at least when we’ve been there, not too crowded (should I regret revealing our top secrets?!) and if you’re patient, you’ll even catch some fish.  That is, if you have a fishing license and are interested in that sort of thing.  I am much more interested in reading than in fish.  So I find myself a nice spot by the water where I can watch the family and catch up on Ansel Adam’s autobiography (I am loving it, but it is slow going – I am easily distracted).

And really, what isn’t distracting about this landscape?  Ansel Adams would certainly let it slide.

Besides, husband is going to be off hiking a fourteener (mountain +14,000 ft in elevation) this weekend, so I plan on making my way into the mountains and doing some more reading.

I may or may not get distracted.  No promises!