Inspire Me // Take Notes

I’m sure it has been said by multitudes: always carry a pen and paper.  I was thinking the last few days about my plight from Monday’s post and this simple piece of advice.  I suppose a little note taking would have saved me some minor confusion and frustration.  Then I remembered a series of paintings that I saw at the Denver Art Museum by Tony Foster – he kept a journal of his trip down the Colorado River by painting a watercolor view of the canyon at each campsite, along with a few notes, a map of the location, and a small artifact he found that day (feather, stone, leaf, etc).

Now this, this is a journal that satisfies the right AND left brains, wouldn’t you say?  Who says taking notes can’t be practical AND beautiful?

Looking at these pictures again, like the first time I saw the exhibit, reminds me to slow down a little and take it what’s around me.  And that there is value in keeping record – something I don’t do often enough.  So, here’s to taking notes – whether it’s to remember where you snapped that shot of Pike’s Peak, or your journey down the Colorado River, or maybe just how you made the most of your extra leap day in February, 2012.

You know me, I’m all about everyday adventures!