Inspire Me // Time To Blossom


I met Rebecca at the Eat Drink Create events and have become a huge fan of her work via her beautiful Instagram feed. She’s super sweet + super talented. I love how she’s constantly creating and doing new things. Recently, she launched a stunning series of prints called The Bloom Series and this one is definitely my favorite.

Lately, while prepping for Alt (as an introvert) and thinking about other steps in our life that are huge + exciting + overwhelming, this quote has really resonated with me. Last year, I feel like I talked about a lot of things, but they were all a little nebulous and far off in the future so that I could sit tight in my comfort zone. This year, we’re making some huge things happen: my first conference as a solopreneur and blogger, Evergreen Lane‘s one year anniversary, my husband’s first trip to Europe + that’s just the first quarter! My plan is to stretch myself creatively with new biz + blog projects, learn some sweet business skills, launch a new product, travel more + collaborate with people + brands I admire. I decided to dream big enough that my comfort zone couldn’t hold everything I wanted to see happen in my life. I can’t wait to share everything with you as it unfolds.

Speaking out your dreams can be a bit scary, but it’s time to stop letting fear make decisions for us and instead take a little risk.

I am in awe and so thankful for where 2013 has taken me + the mister, and I know that it’s just the beginning.

2014 is the year to blossom!

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