Moments of Pretty


We have had the most stunning fall days lately, and consequently Cory and I have been stuffing them full of as many adventures as possible – because after all, it is Colorado and the snow can’t be

too far away.

1. Amazing day up in Denver listened to the symphony perform Scheherazade, I was an incredibly happy camper.

2. Spent a little while reading outside downtown this week, and the happiest cloud kept me company for a while.

3. Played hookie for a mental health day – took a long walk and most importantly, spent some quality time with my music.  Happiness.

4. A visit to the pumpkin farm transformed into a visit to a winery (no complaints here).

5. Our mission to acquire apple cider was successful – to say the least.  Not all of these will be staying with us, but our fridge is stuffed at the moment.

6. RED LEAVES! If you live in Colorado, you know this is an amazing thing.

7. Wish I had this guy’s life.  He’s got it so rough.

8. Trying to appreciate the little things, like the way the morning light floats through the window while my tea is steeping.  Beauty.

Hope you are all having days stuffed with fall adventures and little moments of pretty!

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