Moments of Pretty

Colorado has been playing with my heart this spring.  We’ve been going back and forth between sunny loveliness and bitter snowy cold.  I am so over winter and very jealous of all those people in the rest of the country posting pretty spring flower photos – none of that over here yet, folks.  It’s supposed to snow (again) tonight and tomorrow.  Oh my soul.

1. This was one of the better days – I did a photo shoot out in the park with two beautiful ladies graduating from high school, and went back later for a hike.  Good day.

2. This was one of the not-so-good days.  I keep my fingers crossed that if it’s gonna snow, maybe at least I’ll get a snow day and be able to stay home from work – but no such luck so far.

3. The perfect storm of “I can’t make up my mind” weather systems created these immense icicles over my covered parking spot.  That longer one on the right was just short enough so I could drive underneath.

4. I am sick of every single sweater, pair of pants, and boot in my closet.  Fortunately, my mom sent me this cozy new blanket of a sweater from Urban Outfitters, so I’ve managed wearing that one over and over every time it snows.

5. Things that make me happy, no matter the weather? Lunch dates with my favorite guy, and thai food.  This was a great combo.

Promise I’ll stop talking about the weather soon (my twitter feed lately has been a bit embarrassing), and I realize that Colorado’s awesome weather needs to be paid for sometime of the year – so March and April it is.  Everybody who lives here I’m sure is thankful for all the moisture we’ve been getting, because we all remember what happens when it gets hot and dry for a few years in a row.  So, I’m down with moisture.  All I’m saying is that if it snows (or even thinks about snowing) in May, I quit.

Hope that wherever you are today, you are enjoying some lovely springtime and that snow is a thing of the past!

{ Images by Annabelle Mintz }

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