The Smores That Changed My Life

A few summers ago, on a camping trip, we decided to try out a new variation of the classic s’more.  This one (my past favorite) involved a peanut butter cup – and while I loved the flavor combination, the peanut butter cup was a little too think to get melt-y enough for my taste. Nevertheless, a step in the right direction.

So, the other day while sitting at my desk (obviously, working very hard), I solved the “perfect s’more” problem once and for all.

Enter Nutella.

It’s got that chocolate/nutty flavor which started me down the peanut butter cup road, but it’s also got melt-y perfection.  I mean, you do have to pull out a knife to spread the Nutella, which is one more (small, but worth it) step, and maybe it’s a little more messy.  But isn’t that kind of the point of s’mores?  If you’ve already got melted marshmallow all over your face, what’s the big deal with having Nutella on your fingers?

These s’mores literally changed my life. And I am never going back.

So, in the name of all that is chocolate and holy, do yourself a favor and get thee to a campfire where you can make these s’mores. The sooner, the better!

(Also – I’m participating in a little round-up of awesome campsites today – check it out here!)

Images and graphic by Annabelle Mintz

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