Today’s Soundtrack // Gungor’s “Ghosts Upon the Earth”

(Gungor, as photographed by Jeremy Cowart)

This is the first track off the album Gungor released last September – but really, the whole album is phenomenal.  It’s one of those that I could sit and listen to in it’s entirety, just to listen.  And there are not many albums I can say that about.  The whole thing tells an incredible story – the songs don’t really live in isolation from each other – and I think that makes it a true work of art.  I think if I could only listen to one thing forever, it would be these guys.  Michael and Lisa Gungor are such beautiful people, and they really think about what they create, which I love – check out their song stories for this album on their blog.  Not to mention, they came and taught a class while I was in school and it forever changed my perspective on creativity & faith.

I think everyone has a band/album that completely cuts them open (in the best way) – and Gungor’s “Ghost Upon the Earth” is definitely it for me.  Gets me every single time.  And I love them for it!

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