Today’s Soundtrack // Mighty Tempest

Such a pleasant surprise from our little adventure to Durango was meeting Adam and Carrie – two members of the band Mighty Tempest, all the way from Ireland!

Above is the cover of their single, Sparrows – so pretty.  Their songs are so catchy – I was humming pieces of them for days and days after the concert.  So here’s a video of an acoustic version of Sparrows (just to clear up any confusion – the video says Four Kicks, and they’re now Mighty Tempest – I didn’t post a video of the wrong band!).

I could just listen to them talk all day long!  And the harmonies, harmonies make me happy.  Perfect little mellow music for a case of the already-nostalgic-for-the-weekend Mondays.

If you liked the song, check out their Facebook page where you can here more!