Today’s Soundtrack // Puccini’s Turandot

Full disclosure // This is a post originally from 2009, which was back when I posted on my blog every six months and no one read it.  But the sentiments are still true, so I revamped the content, and now I’m posting it again.  Just in case one of you was the one who read my blog is 2009 (hi mom!) and is keeping track of these things. // Ok, back to regular broadcasting.

I have a fascination with opera.  I don’t really know why, it tends to be insanely tragic…but one cannot argue that it is amazing what people can get their voices to do.

I remember first reading the story of Turandot in a children’s book, believe it or not, and the illustrations were what really captured my attention.  Even as a kid, I must say I had a pretty good eye!

Now, Puccini’s music is still absolutely captivating; especially “Nessun Dorma,” without a doubt my favorite aria from the opera.  And quite common, you have probably heard it if you’ve eaten at an Italian restaurant at some point in your life.  Of course, if you listen to the recording with Luciano Pavarotti, you will certainly be even more impressed because he has a stunning voice.

For real.

I think the most tragic part of Turandot’s story was that Puccini was unable to finish it; he couldn’t come up with an ending that satisfied him.  The ending I remember is more of a fairy-tale (thank you, children’s book!) than an opera, and I feel like a happily-ever-after ending might be a little bit of a stretch. But who knows? If the composer himself couldn’t even finish it, does anyone else really have the right? I wonder.

  • Opera RosieApril 29, 2010 - 2:51 pm

    It would be weird to leave it unfinished and without an ending, but you’re right, if the composer couldn’t think of an ending then what right as anyone else to finish their work?

    I have not actually read the story of Turandot, might have to check this out.


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