Project 365 is complete! 2016 year in review:

So, I fell off the wagon with my monthly recap posts, but I didn’t stop taking video! I’ve learned since September that managing three internet homes successfully is nigh impossible. Back in September, my fiancé + I launched our podcast, Swept Together. It’s the story of a modern romance between two adventurers, at home, at work + on the road. Audio content is a new medium for me + in some ways, it’s taken up the spot in my life that this blog used to hold, back when I started it in 2011. It’s a creative outlet, separate from my work, where I can make something without looking at the numbers or trying to monetize.

Somehow, to be honest, I lost that from blogging. At some point along the road, it became about getting another follower, another comment, another sponsorship. With that, it stopped being as fun as it once was. I started my videography business, Evergreen Lane Productions, in 2013 – in significant part, because of this little travel blog + the great friendships I’d built in the blogging community. I’ve gone through a few different iterations of that business + now do mainly video editing as opposed to full production. I’ve launched a travel video editing package + will shortly be offering one for entrepreneurs.

It’s been an incredible journey. In case you’ve noticed that I’ve been around here a lot less, it’s partially because my two younger children (toddler Evergreen Lane + newborn Swept Together) have been taking all my attention. It’s partially because I’ve forgotten what I loved about this place in the beginning. So, I’m giving myself space to step back + blog a little more slowly + intentionally. To reinvent the wheel. To pour into my other babies while they need me.

I’ll still be around these parts but if you want to hear from me more regularly in a mini-blogging format, follow me on Instagram – my favorite social media home these days. I’m over there every weekday, and you’ll be able to stay updated on all 3 of my internet kids (the blog, the podcast, the biz) in one happy place. See you there!

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