365 Video Challenge // July Recap

If this Project 365 has taught me anything, it’s the immense value in capturing our everyday moments. Time passes SO very fast – like the wind – yet having this tiny glimpse of each of my days helps me to remember. July was a crazy month. There are days I cried, days I laughed, days I held those I love + days they were far away. Days I sat in front of my computer + days I flew halfway around the world. But every last one of them, beautiful.

It is remarkable the spark that one little second of video can trigger.

That’s the main reason I created Juniper. We have these amazing tools at our fingertips, all the time, to capture our world. To hold on to our days. To remember.

Every one of our days holds beauty. The tools I created for my travel video package, Juniper, help guide you in unlocking that beauty – whether with your iPhone or DSLR – and preserving it in a beautifully curated video postcard. And maybe you’re not halfway around the world. Maybe you just want to remember your grandma’s laugh or the way the light falls on your front porch these long summer evenings. Savor your adventures in the everyday and beyond.


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