Awkward and Awesome

My first awkward and awesome post! Check out the rest of the ladies here.


-People who sing in the public bathroom stalls – I mean, really? I’m all for singing, and even singing in public, but in the bathroom? that’s just awkward.

-The weird sunburn spots you get when you do a shoddy job of sunscreen application.

-The weird sunburn spot on the top of my forehead that decided to peel – no, I promise, it’s not dandruff.

-My coworker asking if my IZZE peach soda was a Corona – at work? I’m sure that’s company-policy-kosher.


-Shopping again now that the 30×30 is over.  For Spring.  Double awesome.

-Kitten spent 15 minutes trying to bury the spaghetti sauce we spilled on the kitchen floor.  Thanks for the clean up help, buddy – even though it’s not going anywhere.  You are SO entertaining. (See our kitten – Cowboy – above!)

-Husband gets out of the Army THIS WEEK. Cannot explain how awesome this is.

-Last weekend’s visit to Austin with my most excellent brother and sister – celebrating her 21st birthday in style.  So awesome.

  • TeresaMarch 31, 2011 - 4:08 pm

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