Beautiful World // Evergreen Lane


I only lived in two houses through my childhood, and one was on a street called Evergreen.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that house lately.


These are older photos, but it’s pretty much still the same in my head.  This is where I first picked up a camera, and many of my early photography projects were taken in this backyard.  It hosted loads of childhood imaginations and daydreams.  Visits still make me feel like a little kid again.


It was where my friends and I made our first movies, hiding out in the woods with our costumes and cameras, and started me on a path towards studying film and working in television.  Funny how life meanders.


This has been one of those weeks where everything seems tremendously overwhelming, but it’s nice to have those places in your mind that you can go back to and remember that life can be full of a lot more adventure and a lot less stress.

What was your favorite thing about the street where you grew up?

Psst! Today I’m over on Krystle’s awesome blog, Paper Fort Studio, sharing a Fear Confession.  My first guest post, check it out!

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