Beautiful World // Rocky Mountain National Park // Trail Ridge Road

One of the places I’m so glad we got to see while Cory’s family was in town was Rocky Mountain National Park.  It’s a Colorado icon, for goodness sake, and I was just now making my first visit.  There are several closures right now, due to some construction near Bear Lake and a wildfire in another area of the park.  We decided since we only had a few hours of light left to take Trail Ridge Road, which is a main artery around the park with stunning expansive views.

In true Rocky Mountain National Park fashion, we saw plenty of elk on our drive along with plenty of…mountains!  The road goes up above 12,000 feet so it was much chillier than our earlier hike down in the valley.  If you’re going to do this drive, plan on bringing a few extra layers.  Altitude has a huge impact on temperature, especially when the sky is cloudy.

As far as skylines go, mountains certainly make some of the most spectacular!

If you don’t have a ton of time, I’d definitely recommend Trail Ridge Road as a decent overview of the scope of Rocky Mountain National Park.  It only served to whet my appetite for future visits!