Beautiful World // When it Snows in Arizona


So apparently, it isn’t JUST saguaro cacti throughout the entire state of Arizona.  This is stuff you know, but never think about.  Aside from taking these photos, I think I hid out inside the whole weekend that we were in Pinetop – not really prepared for this level of winter when I came to Arizona for Christmas!



I can’t complain though, because coming from the Midwest, I am a huge believer in the whole “if you’re gonna snow, go all out for crying out loud” winter philosophy.  And this made my inner-Midwesterner very, very happy.  Feet of snow, people – it had been many years since I had been trudging through feet of snow.  It all seems to make everything quieter, more serene and peaceful.  Not to mention what a thing of beauty those icicles are, as long as you’re not standing underneath them when they’re falling from the roof.



Speaking of beauty, check out Sandy up there – only a few weeks old and already a major ham.  She’s an internet star over on Striped Cat Studio’s Dog Stalking series, not to mention the calendar she’s currently shooting.  Above is Ms. January – and this would be the February look:


It doesn’t get much better than puppies in the snow, right?

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