Daydreamer // 16


{ sit / sip / style }

It’s been a cold & snowy last few days here in Colorado and I can’t say I’m not grateful to be working from home where it’s cozy and warm. As I watch the snow fall outside my window, my mind wanders pretty easily back to my first visit to Prague. My roommate and I had a weekend there during our study abroad, it was early December (or late November? I can’t quite remember which now) and it was bitter cold and snowy pretty much for our entire trip. But there is something special about a city covered in fresh snow, isn’t there? It seems so bright and magical – which is still the way that I think of Prague to this day. Out of all the places I’ve visited, Prague may have surprised me the most, and in the best way. So, it’s snowy and my mind is on Prague – with a cozy bright sweater and a hot toddy in hand, of course. What would make for a better snow day?