Everyday Adventure // A Walk on a Snow Day


We finally had a decent snow here in Colorado Springs (December arrived late and in style) so Cory and I decided to take a little walk and enjoy the scenery.  A little walk turned into a long walk – four miles feels pretty darn long when it’s fifteen degrees outside.


The rest of the day was spend huddled on the couch with loads of gingerbread spice tea (which I discovered here).


I love the contrasts and patterns things pick up in the wintertime.  It’s as if color distracts from the shape and form of things – one of the reasons I love black and white photography.  Wintertime is the world in black and white.  That can get a bit dreary after a while, but we’ve had such a late and warm fall that winter still feels new and cozy.  Something about the simple palette of fresh snow that is comforting.


Can you believe this loveliness?  The wind formed the snow into these little peaks and ridges on the sidewalk – it’s like nature is a modern artist or something.  Skills, mother nature, skills.


Winter always feels quieter too.  Lots of empty space to fill with thoughts – which of course, is one of the primary functions of a good walk.  Unlike other walks, however, my pace slows significantly over time and depending on the way the wind is blowing, which is unfortunate for any of my companions.  More time to think (about how your cheeks are freezing off), right?


Regardless, a walk on a snowy day comes with high recommendations – especially if you have cozy blankets and hot tea waiting for you at home.

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