Everyday Adventure // Celestial Seasonings

Last weekend my friend Heather and I celebrated fall with a free tour at the Celestial Seasonings tea factory in Boulder, Colorado.  No photos allowed inside (yup, I’m definitely a spy for Lipton…) but really for me there wasn’t much to SEE as there was to SMELL.

It smelled GLORIOUS up in there.

We walked through a room filled with lemongrass and hibiscus, another with mints of all sorts (a seriously sinus-cleansing experience,) and a third where the huge bins of tea leaves were stored.

Now, I am definitely a tea person (yes, over coffee).  Like an I-better-have-my-morning-tea-or-else person.  But even I was overwhelmed, or should I say my kidneys were overwhelmed, by the prospect of free sampling 80-some varieties in one afternoon.  I made it through perhaps eight.

After sampling our hearts out in the tour center, we wandered over to the tea shop to browse and grab a few of our favorites to take home.  What I picked up this trip :

-Sleepytime, of course, but mostly because the box came with a free vintage travel-size tea tin. Yes.

-Sleepytime Peach, a new tea I tried for the first time here (iced, in fact, which I would have never thought of!)

-and Gingerbread Spice, a Christmas blend that I also sampled for the first time and thought would be lovely blended with some Turkish Apple tea I have at home.  Mmmmm.

I was really disappointed with the Harvest Pumpkin (WHO adds Stevia to a tea bag? …ruined the whole thing for me) but oh well, you can’t win ’em all.  Also picked up a tea tin (above) with the Bengal Spice design and a few other tea-related odds and ends.  Overall, quite a happy afternoon.

Because really, can you have too much tea?

… The right answer is no, by the way.