Everyday Adventure // Biking to Vail Pass

When my husband’s family was staying in Breckenridge, we drove up to see them for the weekend.  One afternoon, we rented a set of mountain bikes and headed up the trail from Frisco to Vail Pass (14 miles one way!).

It was hard work (well, on the way there, at least – on the way back, we had gravity on our side!) but the views were stunning and scenery was well worth the effort.  There’s a rest area at the summit, so we were able to sit at a picnic table to eat our packed lunch.

And for those of you who might wonder, yes, there is still plenty of snow in Colorado in May – at least on the peaks.  We had some just last week and Pike’s Peak is definitely still snow-capped.  The day of our ride it was gloriously foggy (I have a soft spot for fog).

I love that there’s so many ways to enjoy the outdoors here in Colorado, and a seemingly endless network of trails.  Although – posting this makes me feel like I was kind of lazy this past weekend!  Spent most of it cuddled from the rain with the Mister enjoying the last few days of Starbucks happy hour.  Life is all about balance!

What did you do this weekend? Anything special to celebrate Mother’s Day, perhaps?

  • Texas RamblerMay 14, 2012 - 4:28 pm

    Janet and I lived in Colorado in the ’80s and we mii it a lot. Thanks for the post and memories…ReplyCancel