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Because it’s Wednesday + if you’re like me you need some pictures of pretty places to help you get through the mid-week slump. And this is one of the prettiest places I know.

My family has been going to Elk Mountain Ranch for years (and if you want to see some embarrassing photos of my unfortunate awkward-teen-stage, just go back far enough in their photo albums – everyone totally has an unfortunate awkward-teen-stage, right?). We debate about this every time we’re back there: has it been 4 visits, or 5? Maybe more? But essentially, this little ranch near Buena Vista was my home-away-from-home in Colorado long before Colorado was my for-real-I-live-here-pinch-me home.

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I think everyone should have a secret place they can escape to, where the cell reception is spotty + the internet is too. Bonus points if you can get there in less than a three hour drive. Reception has actually improved there over the years but I almost wish it wouldn’t. As a person who is professionally shackled to the internet (although I’m not complaining), those kinds of retreats beyond the reach of the world wide web are increasingly rare.

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There is nothing like the wind through the aspens + no other sound to be heard for miles. Or a completely dark night after the generator is turned off when you can see stars and stars and stars and stars. Or homemade Oreo ice cream – because how could this be one of my favorite places on earth without Oreo ice cream?

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It’s funny how as you grow up, the things you cherish about a place grow up too. After my first visit, it was the food, the awesome staff, the super friendly horses, boundless activities + Oreo ice cream that endeared Elk Mountain Ranch to my heart. All those things are still true. But these 14(ish) years later, what I hold on to is the quiet, the choice to do nothing, the way time passes slowly, the sitting + talking.

And of course, always + forever, the homemade Oreo ice cream. Because I guess there are some places in the world where I’m still a kid.

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