Everyday Adventure // English Gardens in Munich


You’ve already heard me wax poetic about my love for city parks a few times, and this gem in Munich is no exception. (Want more Munich? Check out this post.) It was one of my favorite stops on our visit: the English Gardens.



Parks with rivers or lakes are even better + the English Gardens delivered. Hearing the sounds of nature, the birds + the wind + the running water, mingled with the sounds of people playing with their dogs + the faint hum of traffic is one of those uniquely “city park” phenomenon. Spring was barely starting to make itself known in Munich so things were a bit barren, but I can just imagine how lovely everything must be bathed in summertime.



Unfortunately, few things worked out the way we wanted them to during our visit to Munich, and to continue the trend, we discovered that the park’s large beer garden had yet to open for the season. If I ever make it back to Munich again, it will definitely be in the summertime so I can rent a bike + cover more distance in the park. Of course, I’ll end the day with dinner at the beer garden + another meander towards the sunset.



Because we DID get to do that part, and it was one of the best.

Travel is punctuated with simple moments, and making your way through a city park like this one at sunset on a Sunday evening, people-watching with nowhere to be, may be the exclamation point of moments.

You just can’t get a postcard for something like that.