Everyday Adventure // Gateway Saddle

While we were in Phoenix, we got to do a little evening hike to watch the sunset (more on that to come!) so even though my Everyday Adventure posts usually feature something in Colorado, I think this definitely qualifies to be put in the category!

The Gateway trail head has been recently renovated with green initiatives and environment-friendly materials – the parking lot is dirt and apparently gets pretty crowded but on a cooler Sunday late afternoon, there was plenty of room.  There’s a nice topographic map at the start which gives you all your different trail options and we chose the loop that cuts through the Gateway Saddle – I had no idea there were so many trails and that we’d have so many choices!

As you can see (especially for us Colorado folks), the elevation climb is not too bad and the trail is well-maintained with a fairly gradual ascent.  Also, some great views of the valley from this high point.  The loop was a little under 4.5 miles and took us 2 hours at a leisurely pace.  Horses use this trail as well, so watch where you put your feet!  Ha.

Of course, I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the cactus blossoms in the pretty sunset-pink light (Am I predictable, or what?).  To be fair, what photographer can resist golden hour, even if it’s just for cactus?

Stay tuned later this week for some real-deal Arizona sunsets that I captured on this hike!

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