Everyday Adventure // Hiking Mt Lindsey

All photos were taken by my husband, Cory, and edited by me.

Before we get started, do you SEE all those columbines up there in that photo? Ridiculous. Ok, moving on :

Last weekend, the day the fire started, Cory was hiking.  Fortunately nowhere near Waldo Canyon, but in the south of the state – his goal was to reach the summit of Mt. Lindsey and knock another 14er off his list.  He’d already climbed Pike’s Peak earlier this spring.

From Cory’s accounts, this was a really fun trail and from the photos, I’d definitely say it’s a beautiful one.  They crossed a mountain stream a few times and stumbled upon a whole slew of colorful wildflowers.  I was jealous, of course, but my love of flat ground is strong (as flat as you can find here in Colorado – it’s a challenge), so I stayed behind on this hike.

The latter part of the hike involved some climbing as they approached the summit.  I adore the photo below, though I’m not entirely sure why – I think it’s a combination of the vibrant colors spotting the rocks and the completely imperfect lighting and the composition really makes you feel like you’re climbing – it’s just lovely.

The view from the top is spectacular of course – you can see for miles.  The mountain landscape is one of my favorite things.

The group even found some friendly marmots to greet them on their arrival.

A side note – if you’re planning on climbing a 14er, grab a bag at Which-Wich on the way and you’ll earn yourself a free sandwich when you bring back a photo of yourself with the bag at the summit.  Pretty fun.

Another side – since I wasn’t actually ON the hike, I can’t give you many helpful pointers.  However, Cory filled out a detailed trip report on 14rs.com and you can check it out there – that website is full of great info if you are planning on making any mountain ascents.

Hope you all had a great weekend full of adventures!

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