Everyday Adventure // Waldo Canyon

Well, you’ve already heard about the fire.  I thought I’d look back in the archives and edit a few photos from my last hike to Waldo Canyon – since it might look pretty different the next time I’m there.  Funny, husband and I were just talking about needing to make another trip.

The trail head is on the north side of highway 24, a couple turns past Manitou Springs if you’re driving from Colorado Springs.  There’s a series of stairs that leads up over the ridge and down into the canyon.

The trail takes you over the ridge and down into Waldo Canyon – it makes a large loop which I’ve never actually been all the way around for one reason or another.  Kind of wishing I had made it now.  When the fire is out and all is safe, it will be really interesting to hike up there and see how the landscape has changed.

On your way back to the parking lot you can see Pike’s Peak peering over the ridge line across Highway 24.  It’s a little surreal now to watch plumes of smoke and haze pour out now.  Not much else left to say except that I hope this passes quickly.  If you’re interested in offering assistance towards Colorado’s firefighting efforts (there are currently seven nine active fires in the state) check the links below:

Red Cross / Colorado Springs Gazette / How You Can Help