Everyday Adventure // Ouray Perimeter Trail


I posted about our day trip to Ouray, oh, about a year ago (not really, but it sure feels like it – where did summer go + how is it October already?). While we were there, we decided to hike the perimeter trail.  This trail, not unsurprisingly based on its name, makes a loop around the Ouray valley and you get great mountain views, plus views of the town from above and a few gorgeous waterfalls.



This trail is five miles long, and is doable in half a day or so – we started in the morning and were back in time for a late lunch in town. There are some steeper portions, but overall it was a straightforward and beautiful hike. Ouray valley is stunning, and the loop takes you through a surprising variation of scenery in its short distance.




There’s just something about this little mountain town, it’s one of my favorite places in Colorado to date, and not really for any other reason except that it’s completely breathtaking. I bet it gets a boatload of snow in the wintertime, which would be the downside to living in this valley surrounded by mountains, but at least you’d still have incredible views to keep you entertained throughout the winter hibernation. There are some places that just stick with you, and Ouray is one of those places.

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