Everyday Adventure // Randall Henderson Trail


Hello from Salt Lake City! A very different climate than what I’m sharing with you today, but I didn’t want to leave you without a little travel goodness even though I’m soaking up blog-wisdom at Alt.

Over the New Years holiday, my family and I traveled to Palm Desert, California. It was pretty low-key and relaxing, so one day we headed out on a little nature loop trail hike.



It was a really short drive from Palm Desert down to the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. The Randall Henderson Trail leaves from the visitor’s center and is pretty easy to spot. This was the perfect trail for us, since we had a huge range of ages + abilities in our group. There were two turn around points along the way, and those of us who wanted to go the whole way could hike a total of 2.5 miles.




So pretty! At the top of the trail, there’s a spot where you can look out over an amazing view of Palm Desert and the neighboring cities. No need to stop and read the information booklet at the marked stops, though, unless you have some small kids with you (that seems to be the target age range for the “fun facts” this nature trail offered). However, the trail is definitely still enjoyable without the nature lesson!


There is something so cleansing and lovely about being outside, isn’t there? Whether it’s sitting in the sun by the pool (which I did a lot of this vacation) or getting your sweat on with a hike or a run, I find that the outdoors is a perfect place to clear your head and think. I’ll definitely be needing quite a few runs/bikes/hikes to sort out all the great inspiration and tips I’m learning here in Salt Lake. Anyone else find that they think better outside?

Have a great weekend!

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