Everyday Adventure // Adios, Ski Season



It’s our last weekend in the ski-season condo in Silverthorne I’ve been renting out with a bunch of friends since October. I’m not into snow sports, but it was pretty nice to have a mountain getaway for a few months where I could look out on a pretty stunning vista while doing my taxes (that happened + yes, it makes taxes way better).



These photos are actually from my business retreat in January, but I could have easily taken them a few days ago with the amount of snow we’ve been getting in the mountains (and a smattering in Denver as well – see the April Project 365 video if you need proof). Shout out to my girl Rebecca for being my personal photographer.




Snow + I have a love-hate relationship, especially this late in the springtime. It’s a Colorado tradition to expect a snowstorm or two in April (or May!), and the mountains get it even later than down in Denver – but every year, I’m over it by mid-March.

So here’s my fond farewell to the ski condo + the snow season. Let’s end this on good terms, shall we? If you’re nice, maybe we can make up in December for Christmas.

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