Fresh Friday

I thought today, in honor of my 12 hour long road trip to Arizona, I’d do a little Fresh Friday tribute to traveling in style.  I’m ALL about comfort when you have to be on the move for long periods of time, but there’s no rule that says comfy can’t be fashionable too, right?

This is what I pick, almost without fail:

tunic + leggings + comfy slip-on shoes + extra layer = cute and cozy road tripping!

Today I’m wearing basically the outfit above: cotton dress with a fun colorful pattern, leggings, TOMs, and a little hoodie for running in and out of those freezing gas station rest rooms!

Here’s another option following the same pattern: chambray tunic, leggings, gladiator sandals and a scarf for the occasional extra warmth (or blanket while your driving buddy takes a turn at the wheel?).

What I look for when I travel is always soft fabrics and flexible layers – that way you stay comfortable while being able to adapt to the different environments you encounter on the road.  My formula for flying looks pretty similar, but perhaps I’ll devote another Fresh Friday to airplanes one of these days.

So, do you like the fashion formula? Would you like to see more?

What’s your favorite thing to wear on road trips?

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