A Very Good Place to Start

I have a bunch of fun ideas and a lot of inspiration I want to share here on this blog, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the start of a project and want to be at the END of the project already.  But the beginning is always a very good place to start (as Maria in the Sound of Music would say).

My goals here are to share the things that inspire me and as an exercise for my imagination – the left side of my brain gets too much of a workout during the day and then the right brain feels left out.  I think God gave us a whole brain for a reason, not so we could just categorize ourselves into one corner – right or left – but so that we could USE what He’s given us!  There is a beautiful geometry to everything God has created, and I believe He is evident in all He’s made.  We’ll be seeing a lot of Him around here.

acrylic painting (left) and collage (right)

So I’ll be sharing about what creativity means to me, about how I find inspiration – as well as my music, my artwork, and my photography. I’ll be imagining a little, telling some fanciful stories just for the sake of fun.  I’ll be going on adventures, real ones and made-up ones, and welcome you to come along for the ride.

And I hope that as I work out my inspiration here, it inspires you a little too.