Little Changes

You may have noticed a few changes around the blog today, I decided to tweak the design a bit so that there was some cohesion across all my web presences.

I’m not by any means a professional designer – but inspiration came from the lovely photographs Lauren King did for me (see more of them here).  So dreamy – if you ever have a chance to drag a piano into a field, I highly recommend it!  The first page I put together was my landing page:

Tweaking that design to where I liked was super easy – even with no coding experience (yay!) thanks to the awesomeness that is Flavors.  I thought it was about time that everything felt like it went “together” so hence the facelift here, and the twitter page got a few minor tweaks as well:

Now all three feel much more like they belong to the same person.  I’m really happy with the changes, and I hope you like them too.