Moments of Pretty

Long weekend happiness going on over here.  I was really needing the rest, it has been quite lovely to just have some time to read a book.

1. The sky in Chicago – it was so nice to have a window in my “office” for a few days.

2. I’m sure I will cause some drama by posting a Chicago hot dog with ketchup on it (scandal!) but I was in the mood.  And I will never pass up Vienna Beef.

3. We meet again, Arkansas River Trail.  You are lovely as ever.

4. We picked the perfect day to knock another 14er off Cory’s list – his count is now at 6, I’m at 2.

5. Walking and talking is one of my favorite moments of marriage.  We always have the best conversations on these trails.

6. My favorite flowers, collected at the farmer’s market.  These beauties made my week super colorful.

7. Arguably some of the most addicting cookies that come in a package.  Rivaling even the all-powerful Oreo.

8. Sitting and watching the moon during one of our last volleyball nights of the season.

Sweet summer memories!

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