Everyday Adventure // Arkansas River Trail

One of my favorite parts of summer in Colorado is all the spontaneous weekend adventures we have – like this one we took up Buena Vista for a night of camping and a day of hiking in the Collegiate Peaks.  Actually, I should say that Cory hiked – he knocked two more fourteeners off his list, reaching the summits of both Mt. Belford and Mt. Oxford in one day!  I, on the other hand, did some reading and relaxing in town.

One of my favorite things to do when I need to relax and clear my head is get out for a run – so when I saw signs for Buena Vista’s River Park, I wandered over to check it out.  And I’m so glad I did!  It was the perfect spot.

The Arkansas River Trail, as the sign called it, runs right along the (big surprise) Arkansas River and they’ve made little white water areas for people to practice with their kayaks.  I ran from one end of the trail to the other and it was about 1.75 miles round trip, including Whitewater Trail which branches off the Arkansas River Trail in a loop and allows access to the kayak areas.  My main goal was to stay as close to the river as possible!

There were several other trails that branched out from the other side of the river (across the bridge above) but since I only had about 20 minutes before heading to pick up Cory, this shorter trail was just about right.  Plus, I stopped about a million times to take photos – it’s one of my biggest problems, especially on new trails, I am majorly distracted by the scenery.  But then again, I’m not trying to win any medals, just get some sunshine and some time to think.

There were quite a few people out and about on the trail and in the river – but I loved how the rocks and trees made it feel secluded and secret.  I love those patches of green than make you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, even though the town was just a short walk away.  Something about the silence of the water and the wind that is good for you.

Over all, Buena Vista surprised me as a town much more full of people and activity than I anticipated.  I’m glad we were able to get away for the day and visit!

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