Moments of Pretty

 Another weekend is behind us – anyone else feel like summer is flying by? Thought I’d slow down for a minute and take note of a few things I love about this season.

1. Tuesday night date nights that consist of running the Jack Quinn’s 5k, sand volleyball in the park with friends, finished off with some frozen yogurt at our favorite place downtown. This is a routine I can get behind.

2. Being able to sneak outside during the day and have break on the gazebo outside our office. I hardly ever drink soda, but who can resist the occasional Dr. Pepper?

3. Colorado doesn’t really have a legitimate “spring” like I’m used to in the Midwest (it’s mostly just an excuse for more snow), so summers make a decent substitute, with afternoon rains and flowers FINALLY blooming around town!

4. Late nights with friends which don’t seem so late because the sun didn’t set until just a few minutes ago.

5. Late mornings with Mickey Mouse waffles on the same waffle maker my parents used when I was a kid.

Yup, lots to appreciate about summertime! I’m only sad to see it passing by so. dang. fast!

You can slow right on down, summertime, because we still have plenty of adventures to have – not to mention finding an apartment to move into.  Promise that if you stick around, we’ll make it worth your while.

All images by Annabelle Mintz // for more Moments of Pretty, follow @bellatheball on Instagram!