Moments of Pretty

Well, I took a little bit of an unintentional hiatus that included a little traveling, lots & lots of piano-playing, and lots & lots of packing.  Since we’ve last chatted, I visited Chicago, attended the wedding of a dear friend, and moved up to Denver! Phew! Here’s a quick recap of the Chicago part of that adventure:

1. Love the ivy-covered walls on Northwestern’s campus.  Perfect backdrop for a little outfit photo action after the wedding rehearsal.

2. My view from the piano at Northwestern’s chapel. So guys, I played my first wedding and didn’t die…but I don’t think I’ve discovered a new career path. Holy nerves, batman. Happy ending, though, because my lovely friend is married now!

3. This summer has had it’s ups and downs and crazy curve balls – but a few hours staring at this view and all is right in the world. I’m caught up in the middle of an overall crazy-good life.

4. The most insane seats ever at my favorite baseball field (and although I’m not “a cubs fan,” exactly, I’m definitely a huge fan of Wrigley Field).

5. One more skyline shot, this one from the wedding reception. Ok, National Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame – you may be random, but I can’t argue the winning combo of sangria and your stellar rooftop deck. I think we can be friends.

Chicago is one of those cities that I fall in love with over and over again. Sweet home Chicago, indeed.

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