Moments of Pretty


Fall has just been a glorious season this year, possibly even more so than usual. It’s always been my favorite, what with everything being apple- and pumpkin- flavored, the leaves being the perfect color, and the air being all crisp and perfect. We’ve been attempting to spend as much time outside as possible while this incredible weather lasts, which has warranted outings to the Denver Art Museum, bike rides to Washington Park, long runs on Cherry Creek Trail. Basically a lot of holding hands and crunching as many fallen leaves as possible.

Being in a new city has prompted some new rituals – like eating a real breakfast, reading a book with my morning tea (I’m currently into 7 Habits…and it’s crazy good), and taking a mid-afternoon break for a run or bike ride. Some soul stuff that I was missing in my life – and really isn’t at all location-dependent, but it’s funny how a change of scenery can motivate other changes too.

This season is perhaps tricking me into preemptive adoration, but I am loving Denver. It’s so nice to see tall buildings (playing so nicely, I might add, with abundant parks and trails) and to have too many dinner options to choose from. Last weekend, we rode our bikes to dinner out with friends, and the next morning, I rode my bike to brunch. That, my friends, is amazing. I biked to a tapas bar – if you know me, you know how much I have missed my Spanish food since living in Colorado, and now there’s a Spanish restaurant less than TWO MILES from my home. This is glory, folks, and I am so happy about it.

So maybe fall is pulling the wool over my eyes, it has been moment after pretty moment lately, and there is so much to be thankful for. So far so good, November!

P.S. NOVEMBER! Still getting over how it’s already the middle of November…

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