Moments of Pretty

Hooray, it’s Father’s Day! I am super thankful for my dad, he’s crazy inspiring and supportive, and I have him to thank for my insatiable travel bug.  Love you Dad!

1. Have you been hearing about the crazy weather in Colorado? Hail, tornadoes, wildfires…crazy. This was one of the hail storms rolling in, beautiful and ominous at the same time!

2. Seriously, the sky does crazy things.

3. My favorite.

4. You know it’s getting towards the end of a 30×30 challenge when the most bizarre combinations are born (I’ve only blogged through day 14, but tomorrow is actually day 30 for me.)

5. Husband’s favorite thing – and our only plan for today – pool time!

6. We had our staff picnic at work, got paid to hang out in the mountains all day – win.

7. Cowboy is understandably cranky about his summer haircut – while channeling his inner gymnast. The cat life.

8. Playing pool with friends on Friday night.  It’s a good time.

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