My Favorite Things // 02


{ Minted calendar / images by Annabelle Mintz: 1, 2, 3, 4 }

We’re back again with Minted for our second installment of my favorite things in preparation for the holiday season! (Did you miss the first one? Check it out here.)

To remind you of the favorite things we happen to be discussing: a few of my favorite things include: buying gifts for people (one of the best parts of Christmas by far), wrapping presents (related), and calendars (because you know they’re cool). Up there pretty high on my list of favorites as well has to be traveling and going on new adventures, so this week’s favorite things are travel-themed. I love that Minted calendars have lots of customization options, perfect if you want to remember all your adventures from past years, or gift a memento to a globetrotting friend of yours. Just upload your own vacation photos, pick a simple design, and voila!

So, once you’ve got that gift figured out for the globetrotter in your life, here’s another Christmas wrapping DIY, this time with a little travel vibe!




First step, gather your supplies! This one might be even easier than last week’s DIY – I am all for the easy-peasy when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. Grab your paint pens + festive ribbon from last week, plus an old atlas that you don’t mind ripping up a little. This one happens to be from my 4th grade geography class, so I think it’s ready to find a new life wrapping presents.


Pick a page from your atlas – I chose this Northeastern Canada page, pretty much randomly. Cut the page out of the atlas, and proceed to the wrapping of your gift.  You’ll have to pick a gift that’s smaller than your atlas, obviously, or do some fancy patchwork!


Then it’s time for the festive ribbon and paint pens to get their groove on.  (Side note, you may want to wrap your present in some of that leftover kraft paper from last week if your atlas pages are thin and the paint pens might bleed through). I initially wanted to write in white like I did last week, but my atlas colored are just too light for the white to show up, so I had to go over it in black. Other fun options might be a gold sharpie or paint pen? Or, if you’re stuck on the whole white writing thing, you might just go back later and add a band of kraft paper so that you can use the white pen after all.

P.S. Tune in NEXT WEEK for the final installment of my favorite things, and also a chance to win your very own customized calendar from Minted and get ahead on your Christmas shopping. So exciting!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and was sponsored by Minted; however the opinions expressed here are my own and not affected by my affiliate relationship with Minted, because that’s how I roll – my desire is to bring a high level of creative and unique content to this blog, so thank you for supporting the brands that help me make that possible.

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