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I always love to discover new places and hear about people’s favorite adventures – and I thought it would be fun to share those discoveries with you! So each month, I’ll feature a different blogging friend of mine they’ll share with us their two favorites, near + far.


After a little break for the holiday season, we’re back with the Near + Far guest series! I’m super excited to host Amy of Creatrice Mondial today. Amy is a fellow travel blogger that I met at Alt – it was so amazing to connect with another soul that is passionate about travel + living abroad + how important all those adventures are to life! We sat together through several sessions during the conference + I’m really thankful we crossed paths! Without further ado, here’s Amy’s near + far.

What is your favorite haunt close to home? 

There is a restaurant in my town (Stuart, Florida) that is absolutely to die for! It’s called District Table + Bar, owned + operated by chef Jason Stocks. He really highlights the use of fresh ingredients and the “farm to table” concept by using local products. He also changes the menu weekly, making sure to feature the best of what’s in season. His wine list is also pretty impressive, which means I’m up there at least a couple times a week.

What is your favorite far-away find?

So many to choose from! I have to say one of my absolute favorite little places to go though is the Train Trak Winery in the Yarra Valley, just outside Melbourne, Australia. The place is just a gem! It doesn’t look like much when you first approach it – just a green warehouse. But as you go further on property, you see that the winery is nestled amongst the most beautiful rolling hills, all covered with grape vines. The people are friendly, the restaurant on site is excellent, and the wine is simply amazing. It was my favorite way to spend a Saturday Down Under.

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Photos © Amy Hayes. Graphic by Annabelle Mintz.

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