Pack Well // Office Space

{ chair }

Today we’re talking packing of the moving variety – because I have just been drowning in it lately. Husband and I have moved up to Denver from the Springs this past weekend. I happen to love the un-packing part of packing, particularly. And this time, for the first time, I’ll be unpacking into a home office! That’s a picture of it, above, along with my first home office purchase that I scored with the help of husband’s student discount at West Elm.

Obviously, I’ve been daydreaming (my heart knows no budget) about what I’m going to be decorating this shiny new office with, and I think at least a few of the below are going to find their way home to me.

{ planter / mousepad / corkboard / tray / file cabinet }

Enjoy your long weekend everyone – you know what I’ll be up to…unpacking!

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