Pack Well // Rainy Days

Looked for a minute like we had skipped spring and waltzed right into summer here in Colorado, but the rain is back! Not that I am complaining, let’s be clear – I’d rather like to avoid half our state being on fire again this year.  But the snow came late enough and the heat came early enough that our flowering trees skipped straight to leaves (sad face).  Well, if you’re off somewhere that has a rainy spring, here are a few things that play well in the rain & pack well too:

1. Everyone loves Hunter for all things rain boot – but big heavy rubber things are the last thing you want to lug around an airport.  These flats would do the job in much less space.

2. A canvas tote is one of my travel staples – easy to roll up inside your other bags when it’s empty, and then just pop it out and fill it up when you’re on the road.  I love my maptote, and I actually use the Chicago version as my everyday bag – now they have a sweet Colorado design!

3. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to find rain gear that looks cool – that’s why I generally try to avoid it.  An army-style jacket a la J. Crew is a classic light layer that would serve well on the road & at home.

4. When traveling with an umbrella, it’s imperative that it wraps up into a small package.  This one from C. Wonder is classic but still provides a little bit of visual interest.

5. When it’s dreary and drizzly out, a pop of color is a must.  I will say that I’ve had nail polish taken away from me at airport security for being a “hazardous material,” so just to be safe – paint those nails before you leave home.  Preferably in a nice spring shade of peachy coral like Essie’s Tart Deco.

Full disclosure: I’m not at this time using any affiliate links, nor is this a sponsored post – these are all just pretty things that I happen to be loving at the moment.

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