Pack Well // Spring Things

I know it’s technically been spring for a month or so, but I just can’t wait for it to FEEL like spring (and stay that way for a few days).  I’m wishing for a little travel adventure to whisk myself off on, even a weekend road trip would do.  Here are some happy things that pack well and are perfect for spring:

1. Perfect for weather patterns that can’t make up their minds (hot-cold-hot-cold or wet-dry-wet-dry as applicable) and for airplanes that are notoriously dehydrating – this EOS lip balm is seriously the best at keeping my confused Colorado lips happy.

2. Everyone needs a little grey dress – this one from Madewell is a great weight to layer up with a jacket and tights for those cooler spring days, and wear all on it’s own when the sun comes out for long enough.  Plus, it’s super multipurpose for packing, since it goes with anything.

3. Some required reading for the plane, to inspire all that spring cleaning that needs to be done. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always want to move everything around and start fresh come springtime.

4. This is my favorite tea of all time, but especially as it starts to get warmer.  It’s amazing both hot and cold (so you can go with the flow) and Republic of Tea makes little travel containers to carry with you on the go.  Since I’m a little crazy about my tea, I love that I can have a little taste of home with me on the road.

5. Another one of my packing (and general life) necessities – a scarf.  Perfect for staying cozy on the plane, but it’s not going to weight you down.  I love this colorful pattern from Zara.

Full disclosure: I’m not at this time using any affiliate links, nor is this a sponsored post – these are all just pretty things that I happen to be loving at the moment.